Bobcat miners: Everything To Know (To Operate and Invest)

Bobcat miners are super popular in the helium community for their quality and performance. Not to mention the great price it has!

Bobcat has sold over 70,000 miners worldwide, making it a great leader in the helium mining field, with it’s compact and sleek design.

Through this article we will be discussing how purchase a bobcat miner is worth buying (with great facts), how the miner operates, how long they last, and the profitability factor of the miner. I am sure this will give you all the information you need to know that it is a great unit.

Is A Bobcat Miner Worth It?

The bobcat miner is set to be the most innovative product introduced in the last few years. It has been designed to overcome the limitations of traditional mining machines by introducing some revolutionary features with which it takes a step ahead of its predecessors.

As one of the best IoT products, its manufacturers are dedicated to producing high-quality products to serve their clients’ needs. The bobcat miner is powered by crypto VC and the leading LPWAN technology in China. Most importantly, the miners have different features to offer maximum mining experience.

The other great thing about the bobcat miner is that it:

1. Has a large signal range that goes up to 10 miles

2. Low power consumption being 5W (which will save you money daily on electricity)

3. Cheaper to purchase than other brands

Price comparison to other brands

The Bobcat miner uses an enhanced 4dbi antenna that offers more coverage than other helium miners, including Syncrob, Nebra, and Rak V2. Also, instead of using an external SD card, it uses a 64eMMC flash. Such a flash is welded onto the motherboard to prevent loose connections.

Due to its longer life span enables around 3,000 write cycles than the 500 write cycles that the SD card allows. A bobcat miner uses a quad-core ARM processor, consuming low voltage since it runs less than 0.12kWh/day.

The average price of Nebra outdoor helium miner ranges between $1200 to $1500.

The average RAK V2 helium miner price ranges between $800 to $1100.

The average price of Syncrob helium miner ranges between $350 to $ 700.

The bobcat miner is an excellent miner for mining HNT. The price of the bobcat miner is $400 (US dollars).

Performance and packaging

Bobcat miners are a versatile and compact design being a 33.1cmX19.5cmX29.2cm which means this can fit on a table or a windowsill in your home. They have a simple design with no complicated parts or accessories.

The Bobcat Miners are designed to be durable and efficient with a 4DBI Antenna for wider network coverage. Other Helium Miners only have a 2DBI Antenna.

What Does A Bobcat Miner Do?

The helium bobcat miner, also known as H-Bobcat, is a compact, lightweight, high-efficiency piece of equipment with many unique features that make it a favorite among miners of all sizes. It is compatible with helium LongFi , a unique architecture that combines helium blockchain technology and the leading wireless LoRaWAN protocol. Also, the miner is compatible with other LoRaWAN devices.

The miner runs on:

ultra-low power consumption of approximately 5W. That means it consumes 0.12kWh of electricity every day. Its signal range might cover more than 10 miles, offering connectivity to thousands of LoRaWAN end nodes discovered within its range.

Research indicates that if you deploy around 100 bobcat miners, they can cover an area of approximately 10kmX10km, the helium network will be broadcasted. As an owner of the bobcat miner, you earn HNT for being a network operator who offers such network coverage.

The standard features of the bobcat miner include:

64GB eMMC flash ensures that your device provides large memory storage and better data security. Other helium HNT miners normally use 32GB external SD cards or flashes. Since this miner has more memory, it means that it can simultaneously compute more, and it will have a longer lifespan. That is because it can enable approximately 3000 write cycles.

It has a 4ddbi enhanced antenna that offers a broader network coverage. That means better coverage results, and you will earn more $HNT. Other helium miners have 3dbi antennas. However, the 4dbi antenna can offer up to 150% wider coverage.

OTA update- with this feature, you can remotely change the location settings of the miner without returning it to the manufacturer for updates.

It is equipped with an industrial grade and the state of the art high-performance quad-core processor, which is meant for high-end commercial applications. That provides it with direct manufacturer support and unmatched reliability when debugging.

What Is The Profitability Of A Bobcat Miner?

The cost breakdown of the bobcat miner is highlighted below:

The initial cost of investment is approximately $500. At $34 for every HNT and receiving 3HNT per day will translate to $102/day and $714/week.

With such a rate, it means that you will take one week to pay off the initial investment and even generate a profit of around $200. However, that can happen when you assume that all factors remain consistent and you place your miner in a place with high traffic offering considerable helium coverage.

In reality, it operates from an area with more hotspots and coverage. That means more contribution and validation and high helium mining competition.

Good to check the area you live in the helium map to see what others in your area are earning.

When situated in a high-traffic place, the miner might collect between 5 to 10HNT per day, translating to $155 to $310/day. Therefore, the bobcat miner is a good investment with high rewards, although that will depend on the available hotspots.

How Long Do Bobcat Miners Last?

One can expect that a Bobcat will have about ten years’ worth of work before retiring from service. It may start to show signs of wear and tear around that time, but it will still be able to get the job done up until that point.

It is expected that the bobcat will have a 3000 write cycles.

What Is The Bobcat Price And Shipping Time?

The price of the Bobcat miner is approximately $430. The bobcat miner orders ready for shipping are normally processed within seven business days.

Normally, the shipping period takes around six months. Orders cannot be delivered or shipped on holidays or weekends.

When the manufacturing company experiences a high volume of orders, the bobcat shipments might delay for some days. Therefore, clients should allow additional days for their deliveries before deciding to follow up.

Typically, shipping charges to your orders are calculated according to weight and displayed on the checkout. The average price is approximately $15 per KG. Bobcat miner does not cater to taxes and customs applied to their customers’ orders.

The warranty can be extended to the original end-user buyer for one year, starting from the delivery date. The warranty does not cover malfunction or defects caused by improper maintenance, abuse, or misuse.


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